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The full story...

If you had told me two years ago that I would be using wedding art to make a living and capture so many joyous moments, I would have laughed in your face! But life has the most interesting ways of teaching and humbling us, so here we are.

Born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, it didn't take me long to pick up my first paintbrush. My first ever project was painting my mum a book while she was in hospital, as a way to help her feel better. A few years later, I headed off to art school and completed my undergraduate degrees in fine arts and fashion, before moving to Japan in 2019 to pursue a PhD in social sciences. During this time, I continued to paint and held a private gallery exhibition in the city of Fukuoka- a series of watercolour flower paintings named "Hana-ten". It was also here that I met my future partner in crime, a New Zealander.

Two years and one pandemic later, I arrived on the sandy shores of this beautiful country. Soon after, I became Louis Vuitton's first New Zealand-based painter, specialising in custom pieces. The attention to details and bespoke nature of the work set the foundation for this venture. One day, a client asked me about wedding ceremony painting, to which my response was "...huh?". After some quick researching, I knew that I wanted to be a wedding painter and that this was something special that I could offer the world. The rest, is history!

Despite my years of experience painting, I am always learning new things with each piece. This is what gets me up in the morning. By creating art to enrich the journey of others, I add a little more to my own, with joy being the glue to hold it all together. Be it your wedding venue, ceremony, family, beloved pets, or heirlooms, representing them through painting is a gift that has been around almost since time itself. I am so excited and humbled to be able to offer my skills to anyone who is fortunate enough to experience love in this crazy world.

All my love,


Anna Doria- NZ Live Wedding Painter
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